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What is Angel or Sodalite Angel?

Angel is the personification of cosmic, guarding, healing, pure & pious energies of the universe. When we hear the word angel, an image of a human with wings comes to our minds immediately – this is a permanent symbolic image of angles. Angles are associated with good luck, protection, good omen, health, success, happiness, love, and divine experiences. To bring all this into life, angels are crafted with auspicious & natural crystals. This symbolic and natural duo creates a dynamic & highly auspicious combination! Since crystals are rich with healing properties and cosmic vibes, they are widely used in Reiki – a pure energy healing practice. This crystalline embodiment of angles is the juju of pure luck & protection. Different natural crystals are used to form angels that serve different purposes & benefits.

How to Use Your Personal Sodalite Angel?

Here are different ways to use Sodalite Angel:

  • Keep it under the pillow or in the purse.
  • Hold it while meditating.
  • Keep it before/near you – be it on your work table, study table, bedside, inside the car, or so.
  • You can also carry it in your purse or pocket.
  • You can gift it to your loved one, friends, partner, parents, children or relatives.

Before you use any angel, hold it in your hands, communicate/connect with it and give it intent that it shows magic wherever and for whatever you want.

Benefits of Sodalite Angel:

  • Sodalite angel is your personal psychologist that treats your psychological problems by balancing your mind, emotions & reactions against diverse situations.
  • This healing angel overcomes the oversensitivity in your nature and then develops a sense of self-confidence, let go attitude, aptitude, and maturity with which learn to handle things & life like a pro.
  • By balancing your emotions, Sodalite helps you get rid of separation pangs, hurtful words of others, hurting situations, and toxic relationships. Furthermore, edifying and monitoring your reactions, Sodalite helps you sustain relationships.
  • This is a throat chakra specialist, thus, treating vocal issues, stammering, coughing, tonsils, sore throat, a lack of confidence while speaking, and other problems caused by a blocked throat chakra.
  • It is a confidence booster that makes you assertive and helps you speak up your mind. Additionally, it makes you a calculated risk-taker.
  • If any phobia or past trauma haunts you, you must seek refuge in the Sodalite angel. It will assist you in coming out of them and living a fearless life.
  • This doctor angel also treats diseases like indigestion, imbalanced metabolism, weak immunity, throat problems, speech impediment, common fever, water deficiency, calcium deficiency, and low blood pressure.
  • Truth to be told, Sodalite is a life-transforming angel that breaks old patterns & habits and develops new and noble ones. It will not be wrong to say that the Sodalite angel gets life on track.
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